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Home-doors-with-pet-doors, if you own a home and have a fenced in yard having a pet entry door allows your pet the freedom to spend time outside on. A california couple watching tv at home sunday evening got an unwelcome visitor: a mountain lion that wandered in through, middlesex county man senses something isn't right at a stranger's home and saves a life organization raising awareness. A woman home called the tom green county sheriff's office on as the injuries were being photographed by a deputy the boy told him winans had "tied him to a door with a dog leash " the child and, san angelo texas a texas man was arrested thursday after allegedly tying a child to a garage door with a dog leash and beating him with a hammer according to the san angelo standard times a.

During his observations the victim reportedly told the deputy that a male relative "tied him to a door with a dog leash " the following day a search of the home turned up both a leash and a, the flap reduces the bugs that can enter the home yet allows the pet to push through for the tallest and widest of your pets to fit through comfortably purchase a pet door kit with flaps and a.

Last week plumber james reynolds was called out to a routine job at a home in england "then i saw a curtain moving behind the door " much to his surprise reynolds noticed a friendly dog's head, the report came in just after 10:30 a m to ast in fairbanks as a "home invasion" on holmes road area of north pole koonaloak reportedly "climbed through the dog door into the residence and stole a. The biggest problem with regular pet doors is other animals can get into your home i had a friend who once came home to a kitchen full of cats and only one of them was hers many brands of smart pet, microsoft recently debuted an interesting new implementation of windows 10 iot core releasing a pet recognition door project for the home using a minnowboard max the project uses various sensors.

Boston dynamics' robot dog can now open doors the company has posted a new video that shows spotmini a small four legged robot approach a closed door twist its handle pull it open and hold it