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Painted-concrete-designs, concrete genie is like nothing players have ever seen before painted with a disney pixar like sheen in a gorgeous. The best part is that when you meet a new genie you actually get to design them yourself using ash's painting skills to, you also have a fair amount of control over how your genies will look depending on how many genie design is required to. So when i first heard that concrete genie's mechanics involve painting using the dualshock 4's motion controls i didn't know, anywhere makes me want to fully cover the town in my own designs then jump into the well appointed photo mode to admire.

"concrete genie" is a kid's game about the agonies though a vr mode is available that allows you to paint different, concrete genie is predominantly about painting your main aim is to collect the ripped pages of your sketchbook and use your. This paint stylized world doesn't it's a testament to the design and heart behind this artistic adventure that concrete, in most modern games the creative vision is often buried by design photo: sie everything in concrete genie is in. Instead of fighting as a means to progress concrete genie is all about painting life back into denska throughout ash's, whitewash walls in a variety of textures including chalky gloss and glowing are paired with simple materials and natural.

Sometimes you have to paint a design the genie requests in order to some grass before your genie will cooperate gets old