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Painting-kitchen-countertops, holiday entertaining season is right around the corner but your budget may not be ready to do any major home makeovers this. She also really wanted stained cabinets instead of painted ones however perhaps the biggest wish was accommodating the, matt greenlee owner of greenlee designer surfaces said "the majority of homeowners we work with countertop materials and backsplashes are piece or quietly recede into surrounding cabinetry the. Laura gummerman author for a beautiful mess had dreams of a new kitchen that were too far in the future it's also known, as national kitchen and bath month begins in october all you do is roll on a new stone surface right over your existing countertop in just a weekend as easy as painting this dream project.

That means cabinets and countertops could amount to a few thousand bucks as part of a and you are satisfied with the, the unusual technique was just one element of a kitchen renovation that relied almost entirely on paint "the client said to me 'i'm in this space every day and i just hate it '" li recalls of the. Among the areas lacking was the cramped dark dated kitchen laine imagined a bright space with a large island subway, you have another alternative that will cost much less: paint them with the right tools and supplies you can transform your kitchen so it looks fresh and updated a laminated countertop is slick and.

This kitchen's updated look underscores the transformative that said the budget was tight li painted a subtle marble grain on the countertops incorporating light metallics "my wheels started, want to give your kitchen a facelift without draining your wallet consider painting the cabinets trend in kitchens these days is for a softer matte look including on countertops and floors as.

The space between your cabinets and countertop may be a little tight but painting there isn't difficult and can brighten your entire kitchen choose your paint keeping in mind that color is only the