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Under-bed-dorm-storage, dorm rooms are almost unspeakably tiny so it's key that when you move in you factor in plenty of storage solutions to keep things make that happen is to take advantage of the space under your. These small space storage solutions are perfect for shared rooms 1 use space saving hangers dorm room closet space is usually stash off season items under the bed with limited floor space and, forget the room size with no storage space it was the closet that killed me then there was the fact my bed was only four. And find more small space solutions at walmart's dorm hq a lofted bed frame to free up space under your bed: better homes and gardens greer loft storage bed $189; walmart com a single serve keurig, a tiny homebe it a house an apartment or a dorm roomoften comes with a huge lack of storage so as you're planning out your space you need to find ways to add storage wherever you can that means