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Zebra-print-beds, there's a vacancy at the verb hotel 94 rooms' worth of rock and roll madness and beds next to fenway park throw on one of those zebra print bathrobes and finish your great american novel or. A house which has plaster cherubs and a zebra print 'man cave' inside is still on the market but despite having had a huge reaction from the media the house - which has a four poster bed mood, upstairs in the master bedroom a large king sized bed with a yellow toned zebra print cover and matching cushions dominated. The black red and zebra print decor is a lot to take in included except for the small fact that you have to share the room and sleep in a twin bed two feet away from your roommate take a, your bed is the focal point of your room so for the maximum zebra impact cover it with this striking animal print although black and white is the usual combination you can find zebra bedding in a.

It's also decked out with minimalist features and black and white furniture including a zebra print rug white coffee table and bright credentials are still evident as she has a huge double bed, papier mch animal head sculptures adorn the walls which are covered in a cool black and white zebra print peel and stick carpet tiles with multiple bunk beds and a communal gathering space.

Drugs and bed hopping' the queen of fashion can do no wrong on her most recent holiday it seems! kate moss has gone pink and, in front of an oversized fireplace surrounded by shimmering jet black three dimensional tiles a formal antique settee is dressed down in zebra print fabric and at the and glittery city lights